Erik’s Top 75 Songs of All Time (excluding instrumental, Disney and showtunes:)

1. Like A Rolling Stone; Bob Dylan

2. Rain; Patty Griffin (share the love, Tammy)
3. Canadian Railroad Trilogy; Gordon Lightfoot

4. Older Chests; Damien Rice
5. Two Step; Dave Matthews Band

6. Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby; Counting Crows
7. Landslide; Stevie Nicks
8. Reasons Why; Nickle Creek
9. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left; Andrew Bird
10. Sweet Dreams; Eurythmics (sorry, Lizzie)
11. I’m On Fire; Bruce Springstein
12. Only Living Boy in New York; Simon & Garfunkle
13. I Miss You; Blink 182 (Jeremy and my song- make fun if you will)
14. Tony; Patty Griffin (share the love, Deanne)

15. The Joker; Steve Miller Band
16. Ring of Fire; Johnny Cash

17. Is That All There Is?; Peggy Lee

18. Hallelujah; Jeff Buckley (though I think John Cale’s version is equally good- sorry Michael, Nick Cave didn’t make my list- likewise if you read this Ryan)
19. Take on Me; Ah-ha
20. KC; Matt Pond, PA
21. Fast Car; Tracy Chapman

22. Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank; Barenaked Ladies
23. Daysleeper; REM (share the love, Drew)
24. Galileo; Indigo Girls
25. I Looked All Over Town; The Magnetic Fields
26. For What It’s Worth; Buffalo Springfield

27. Fever; Peggy Lee
28. Standing Outside a Broken Phonebooth with Money in My Hand; Primative Radio Gods

29. Strange Condition; Pete Yorn
30. Strange Fruit; Billy Holiday
31. Fake Pallindromes; Andrew Bird
32. Phantom Limb; The Shins

33. New Hampshire; Matt Pond, PA

34. Sampson; Regina Spektor

35. Sunday, Bloody Sunday; U2

36. When You’re On Top; The Wallflowers

37. Still Here; The Perishers

38. Rootless Tree; Damien Rice

39. Bleed to Love Her; Fleetwood Mac
40. God Says Nothing Back; The Wallflowers
41. Let There Be Light; The Perishers

42. Nobody’s Crying; Patty Griffin
43. Homecoming King; Guster

44. Loneily; Damien Rice

45. What Sarah Said; Death Cab for Cutie

46. Satelite; Dave Matthews Band

47. Long Black Veil; Johnny Cash

48. Early Morning Rain; Gordon Lightfoot

49. Smooth Criminal; Michael Jackson
50. Time After Time; Cyndi Lauper
51. Read My Mind; The Killers

52. Outbound Plane; Suzy Bogguss
53. Deep Water; Jewel (my college walls were covered in Jewel in ’97)
54. Summer of ’69; Bryan Adams
55. Amsterdam; Guster
56. O’ Valencia; The Decemberists

57. The Rowing Song; Patty Griffin

58. Lost Cause; Beck
59. Save Me; Aimee Mann

60. Eet; Regina Spektor
61. Orange Crush; REM
62. I Don’t Believe You; The Magnetic Fields
63. Spaceman; The Killers
64. New Slang; The Shins

65. Like A Prayer; Madonna

66. I’ve Changed; Josh Joplin Group

67. At Last; Ella Fitzgerald

68. Mary; Patty Griffin

69. Song For A Winter’s Night; Gordon Lightfoot (Sarah McLachlan’s is beautiful too)

70. Our Town; Iris Demint
71. Born to Run; Bruce Sprinstein
72. Different Drum; Linda Ronstadt
73. Morning Has Broken; Cat Stevens (though I really liked Ellen Greene’s version on ‘Pushing Daisies’ better)

74. Stray Cat Strut; Stray Cats

75. This is The Begining; Susy Bogguss and Chet Atkins