1. Gurgi, The Black Cauldron (the whole movie sets up that there’s absolutely
no way out if you go in the cauldron, yet he did! Ta-da!)
Beast, Beauty & the Beast (the last petal fell, yet magic light beams from the
sky prevailed)
Pinocchio (he can breath underwater for half an hour, but in the end, he
drowns- crazy! But that Blue Fairy rocks)
Snow White (thank god she wasn’t really dead or she’d a not been lookin’ so
pretty 6 months later in a glass coffin)
Esmeralda (she won’t drink the water! She must be dead, but don’t worry, in
3 minutes she’ll be strong enough to hold onto Quasi over the ledge)
Baloo, The Jungle Book (not even a black eye that disappears in 2 minutes
when he’s thought to be dead, just up and ready for more)
Robin Hood (you try being underwater after a fight and fall off a castle tower,
find a hollow reed and start breathing out of it without going above water)
Meg, Hercules (all Herc has to do is fetch her soul out of hell first)
Eric, The Little Mermaid (at least the mermaid knows how to check his
breathing, though how she knows what “breathing” is, is a bit of a mystery)

10. Hercules (that rock slide was a lucky break)

POLL: Which Disney Character Gave the Best Near Death Performance?


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