1. Penny, The Rescuers (she’s so cute and her pig-tails and teddy bear
and that song)
2. Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (he’s got a freakin’
3. Wart, The Sword in the Stone (his dreams are so modest)
4. Cinderella (Lady Tremain just needs to slap her already)
5. Oliver, Oliver and Company (kittens are always cute)
6. Peter Pan (and I’m not even sure he knows he’s an orphan)
7. Taran, The Black Cauldron (but he gets himself into trouble too
8. Aladdin (loses pity votes for being too cute)
9. Lilo (but my god she yells too much, and she’s still got a devoted
10. Mogli, The Jungle Book (except he kind of was asking to get eaten
by the tiger)

POLL: Who is the Most Pitiful Disney Orphan?


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