Top Flicks From 2010-2019 (let’s see if I’m still doing this by then)  🙂

So far…

  1. Black Swan- I’m the only one I know who felt this strong about this one, but I really loved it. No other movie this year affected me so strong emotionally. While the whole film I felt removed from this crazy girl and these characters I felt it would remain so till the end, but with the final 15 minutes and some twists and where her crazy mind went, it got me there. I left wired and questioning my own needs for approval and mastery of arts. Loved the cinematography, especially of the beautiful dance sequences. Natelie Portman rocked it- totally deserved best actress. And I thought Vincent Cassell was the other stand-out. I’d never seen him in anything else, except as Robin Hood in the first Shrek, but I totally believed he had this weird power over women. I just loved getting into the mindset of the lead and totally bought it. If you want to discuss the end, ask me so I don’t spoil it here.

2. The Fighter- Christian Bale- he seems real weird in real life but got it was good in this. It’s his performance more than anything that made this film awesome, though the script and all the acting was really solid. And I love Amy Adams getting into a weave-pulling fight.

3. Rabbit Hole- Maybe not as good as it could have been, it’s got moments of a little flat. I blame the directing. I love John Camron Mitchell’s “Hedwig” about as much as I can, but I really didn’t like “Short Bus”. I just felt Kidman and Ackhart had some real sand-out scenes (Diane Weist too), and the script was about as beautiful, poignant, and a perfect mix of sad/hopeful you could ask for (it did win the Pulitzer), and some choices I loved (the way the actual crash was depicted), I just think a more seasoned veteran could have smoothed it out more and added a bit more to the over-all vibe it was missing.

4. Another Year- What a sweet, simple movie. And sort of sad.

5. The Kids Are Alright- First, Jullianne Moore and Annette Bening as a lesbian couple- adopt me, please! Or at least, Mark Ruffalo seduce me (this Ruffalo though, he can look pretty scuzzy sometimes) This movie is simple. The drama isn’t too over-the-top. Funny but not crazy. Sweet but not sappy. It’s a great film in just how normal and simple it is. It’s the first I’ve seen of a gay couple with kids having a normal life with normal problems (like ‘Modern Family’ is doing for the dudes on tv) and I think that’s a pretty big deal.

6. The King’s Speech- A really sweet film. You really root for this guy. And Colin Firth was great and deserved his Oscar (though I would have equally felt so with ‘A Single Man’ last year). Was it the Best Picture? Ah? Like I said, not a strong year.

7. Tangled- It’s my Disney. I’m biased. But it really is good. I think it’s got some flaws (the songs are some of the least memorable or catchy, though cute and fit the plot), but really strong characters, funny and sweet, great villain, and one of the prettiest CGI flicks yet.

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1- Again, I’m a bit biased, I love me some Harry, though I it’s the books I really connect with, but I think this was the best in the series so far. The 3 leads have been honing their acting skills and it really shows. This one let them really show off some acting chops and I think they really stepped up to plate, especially Emma Watson

9. Waking Sleeping Beauty- Not only do I have a documentary on my list this year, I have 2! Again, I’m Disney biased, but I was just so thrilled this film got made. I think its very honest in showing failures of Disney, which it doesn’t do so often. And we it gets to the part where Howard Ashman died, oh, cried and cried.

10. Gasland- And documentary #2- I have never been so moved by one as this. Usually, I leave a doc. feeling like I discovered a biased topic I need to now research the other side of more, but there just isn’t another side to this. I spent the next hour writing senators and signing petitions. Obviously, it’s not the most entertaining flick on the list, but if there is one to see, this is it.





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