1. Brokeback Mountain (#1 Flick of the Decade, as well as one of the best performances by Heath Ledger. I think it’s absolutely breathtaking and delicately sincere with a steady beat of love from start to finish playing in every shot, if you can hear it)

2. There Will Be Blood- (Brilliant! PT Anderson- brilliant. Daniel Day-Lewis- brilliant. Paul Dano was fantastic and highly underrated. What more can I say? “I drink your milkshake!)

3. The Hours (What an amazing movie- equally as fantastic as the book, just in it’s own unique way, as any good adaptation should be. There are a dozen stellar performances but Nicole Kiddman (who hits duds a lot more often than strikes a winner, really gave one of the best performances of the decade)

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Totally unique journey. Jim Carey can really do a good job when he’s not farting. And I wrote Kate Winslette’s name in my “You can do no wrong after such an amazing performance” after this one)

5. Finding Nemo (One of Pixar’s best)

6. Dogville (Unlike any other film I’ve seen. So hard to watch)

7. Garden State (I just dig gig. I guess Zack Braff just gets me)

8.  Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? (Just could not hit the mark more, every second is hilarious and so committed to detailed characters and story. I love the 1930′s anyway, but to make the color palate pop on screen is not something I can think of any other Depression-based movie doing. The soundtrack was completely innovative and rich. But even for all of the bona-fide suitors and jars od Dapper Dan, the highlight of the film is is waternimps singing “Go To Sleep You Little Baby,” one of the sexiest scenes ever on film)

9. The Emperor’s New Groove (Even if you aren’t a Disney fan, this would be the one to see. It’s quick, smart, witty…. basically it’s “Arrested Development” set in ancient animated Incan culture)

10. The Shipping News (I’m even surprised this made my #1, guess it wasn’t the strongest year, but I do love this movie. It’s really a simple character-driven story with some basic metaphors but I find the simplicity and beautiful scenery really emotionally moving. Keven Spacey, Jullianne Moore, Judi Dench, and Cate Blanchet all give great performances. But the highlight is Christopher Young’s haunting musical score)  

(Honorable Mentions:)

11. Ratatouille (Clever French humor and a great take on food. It’s way up there as one of my favorite Pixar. You just have to get beyond that there are rats cooking in the kitchen)

12. Atonement (I do not think I have ever cried as hard in a movie theater as this one did to me. I had to hold my mouth closed to keep from disturbing everyone else. Really beautiful film and brilliantly told)

13. A Very Long Engagement (Beautiful. truly a fairy tale in a wore-tore europe)

14. Hotel Rwanda (You just need to see. Hakeem Kae-Kazim’s scene where she’s on the truck and realizes her husband is staying behind is probably the best single scene of the decade)

15. I Heart Huckabees (This was such a fun year for crazy, quirky movies!)


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