Best Picture Oscar: “Gladiator”, my ranking?- didn’t even make my top 10- Russell Crowe does not do it for me

1. Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? (Just could not hit the mark more, every second is hilarious and so committed to detailed characters and story. I love the 1930’s anyway, but to make the color palate pop on screen is not something I can think of any other Depression-based movie doing. The soundtrack was completely innovative and rich. But even for all of the bona-fide suitors and jars od Dapper Dan, the highlight of the film is is waternimps singing “Go To Sleep You Little Baby,” one of the sexiest scenes ever on film)

2. The Emperor’s New Groove (Even if you aren’t a Disney fan, this would be the one to see. It’s quick, smart, witty…. basically it’s “Arrested Development” set in ancient animated Incan culture)

3. Almost Famous (Oh, so charming. It can’t help but subtlety move you and take you back to moments of discovery and youth)

4. Fantasia 2000 ( This is serious Disney crack for a fan like me. It took 60 years to get made, only at the passion of Roy Disney to fulfill his uncle Walt’s hopes for “Fantasia”. It can’t compare to the original, but “Rhapsody in Blue” is pretty fantastic and “Firebird Suite” is solid as well. I hope we don’t have to wait for another 60 years for part 3)

5. Requiem For A Dream (Few movies hung on me like this one- I was depressed for days. I like that in a film)

6. Chocolat (Yummy)

7. Memento (It was the unique story structure that sold this one)

8. The Patriot (I just love American history)

9. Dancer in the Dark (Oh, you crazy little Bjork- you’re so silly!)

10. Traffic (Yeah, it’s a good flick)


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