Best Picture Oscar: “A Beautiful Mind”, my #8

1. The Shipping News (I’m even surprised this made my #1, guess it wasn’t the strongest year, but I do love this movie. It’s really a simple character-driven story with some basic metaphors but I find the simplicity and beautiful scenery really emotionally moving. Keven Spacey, Jullianne Moore, Judi Dench, and Cate Blanchet all give great performances. But the highlight is Christopher Young’s  haunting musical score)

2. Shrek (Really groundbreaking storytelling in animation and it’s not even Disney! The sequels are a shame how far they pale in comparison, but this one is the reason they could make so make sequels. Great soundtrack. “Not my buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons.”)

3. Amelie (sweet and cynical, innocent and kinky as only the French can do)

4. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (The 2nd half kind of drifts away, but great sons)

5. In The Bedroom (Sissy Spasek)

6. The Others (Thrills and horror flicks rarely do it for me but this one just did. I like ghost stories though)

7. Waking Life (haven’t rewatched since 2001 when I was a year out of college. Don’t think it will hold up, but it certainly was a trip)

8. A Beautiful Mind (I just really don’t like Russell Crowe very much)

9. Life is A House (but Kevin Kline rarely isn’t solid. And Hayden Christiensen could act before George Dukas got ahold of him)

10. Legally Blond (a comedy made my list!)

(sorry Moulin Rouge!, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Royal Tenenbaums)


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