Best Picture Oscar: “Chicago”, my #5

1. The Hours (What an amazing movie- equally as fantastic as the book, just in it’s own unique way, as any good adaptation should be. There are a dozen stellar performances but Nicole Kiddman (who hits duds a lot more often than strikes a winner, really gave one of the best performances of the decade)

2. The Pianist (beautiful)

3. About A Boy (FANTASTIC soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy. Definitely Hugh Grant’s best flick ever)

4. Treasure Planet (one of the most under-rated Disney animated features. It has some problems in the weak pirate crew and the Jar-Jar Binks-like robot B.E.N., but really strong over all. Beautiful animation.  It’s super-fun and comitteed steampunk style of 1880s and future space styleization. Ben Hawkins is one of the strongest and most empathetic lead characters Disney has done and his relationship with the villian, Long John Silver, is unique and fresh. And Johnny Reznik of Goo-Goo dolls wrote two fitting songs including “I’m Still Here“, highlight of the film)

5. Chicago (reinvented the genre of musicals, which, with the posible exception of Evita, had been outdated for 40 years)

6. Lilo & Stitch (you either  look at Lilo and her sister as modern and more realistic depiction of relationships and Chris Sander’s ability to see through a kids perspective, or you want to plug your ears from all the yelling, sarcasim, and querky alien voices. I won’t fight hard for this one, but I like it ok)

7. Punch-Drunk Love (P.T. Anderson is my hero in film world. Best scene though is only in the deleted scenes options, Adam Sandler in his warehouse watching a kid play in the alley)

8. In America (sweet, feel-good, but still kind of real)

9. Talk to Her (weird)

10. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (I just really like animation. Maybe Bryan Adams soundtrack was an odd match to a Native American tale, but the songs are still good)

(A lot of the award winners/critically acclaimed of the year did NOT make my list: About Schmidt; Adaptation; Lord of The Rings: Two Towers; Catch Me If You Can; Signs; or Igby Goes Down. Still need to see Gangs of New York)



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