Best Picture Oscar: “Crash”, my #8 (It so should have gone to my #1)

1. Brokeback Mountain (#1 Flick of the Decade, as well as one of the best performances by Heath Ledger. I think it’s absolutely breathtaking and delicately sincere with a steady beat of love from start to finish playing in every shot, if you can hear it)

2. Walk the Line (It’s Johnny Cash! But Reese Witherspoon really stepped up to plate and stole the show)

3. The New World (Crazy artsy film with the most mainstream of actors, but I love Pocahontas.)

4. Corpse Bride (Yeah, I know, not as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, but it’s still fun)

5. Capote (it really creeps me out a little too much. I wouldn’t see it again, but I think that speaks to how well it was made)

6. Transamerica (really different plot)

7. The Constant Gardener (Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes are both fantastic)

8. Crash– (SSSOOO did not warrant Best Picture over Brokeback Montain)

9. Good Night,  and Good Luck (a little boring)

10. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (I was running out of options to fill up the 10. I LOVE the books! I see all the movies… and they’re ok)


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