2007: (great year. Top 3 should all tie as great, but #1 one is more on the list of brilliant)

Best Picture Oscar: “No Country For Old Men”, my #6

1. There Will Be Blood– (Brilliant! PT Anderson- brilliant. Daniel Day-Lewis- brilliant. Paul Dano was fantastic and highly underrated. What more can I say? “I drink your milkshake!)

2. Ratatouille (Clever French humor and a great take on food. It’s way up there as one of my favorite Pixar. You just have to get beyond that there are rats cooking in the kitchen)

3. Atonement (I do not think I have ever cried as hard in a movie theater as this one did to me. I had to hold my mouth closed to keep from disturbing everyone else. Really beautiful film and brilliantly told)

4. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (If you are hard-core about musical theater and Sondheim’s work, you seem to hate it. You want real singers. I thought Tim Burton captured the tone to a tee. Helena-Bottom Carter’s hushy (I made up that word) speak-singing I thought was the perfect effect for film. I would not have sat through it if Patty LaPone had been belting out that foghorn of a voice that musical theater people seem to think is art)

5. Enchanted (Oh, Disney! Oh Amy Adams!)

6. No Country For Old Men (Yeah, it’s good)

7. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Casey Affleck is really underrated. And I really loved the pace and infrequent quirky camera shots)

8. Across the Universe (Love Julie Tamor. Beautiful to look at. Songs well blended. The character plot got kind of wonky and I didn’t really care about them)

9. Waitress (It’s just cute)

10. The Orphanage (it’s just creepy)


One Response to “Flicks of the Year: 2007”

  1. thewizbb Says:

    awww, Waitress…

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