Top 10 for 2009:

Best Picture Oscar: “The Hurt Locker”, my #6

1. The Princess and the Frog     (Disney returned to hand-drawn animation- I’m a sucker. But it really is a great flick with great music)

2. Up    (I think we will look back on this time in Pixar as it’s true pocket of art, along with Wall-E and Ratatouille. We’re heading into a few years of sequels, but the first ten minutes of “Up”  was everything you could hope to get in animation)

3. Inglorious Bastards  (Crazy! But so captivating. Tarantino has a way to make the gory so over-the-top, you can laugh at it and take it)

4. Away We Go    (Maya Rudolph, who knew? -except that closing monologue keep working on those, girl. Charming little film)

5. A Christmas Carol     (As a film, it’s good. As a telling of this Dicken’s tale that’s been made like 50 times, it was by far my favorite and one I’m sure I’ll watch every year. It was staying true to the dark ghost story and maxing out those images as only you can in animation that really made it work)

6. The Hurt Locker   (Not sure how it will be remembered as great in 20 years, but important right now at least. And Jeremy Renner rocked)

7. Where the Wild Things Are    (I can’t remember the last experience that seemed to capture the voice of youth so well, relating to how a ten year old thinks with respect and not condescending. Yeah, it’s kind of dark, but I always like the dark stuff as a kid. If you love the book, you just can’t get hung-up on it. It was 20 words. I’d much rather see this version on film)

8. Precious: Based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire   (I didn’t think it was as hard and rough to watch as most seemed to, but it’s good. You can help but feel for her and long that she has hope in the end)

9. An Education  (Nick Hornby has such a way of getting you into his cool vibe. It had some plot holes that bugged me, but fun and unique)

10. Julie & Julia    (If you would like to get drunk as you read my lists- take a drink every time you see Meryl Streep!)

(Honorable Mentions to: Taking Woodstock, Young Victoria,  The Blind Side, Pheobee in Wonderland)


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