1999: This is maybe the strongest year in film while I’ve been alive.

Best Picture Oscar: American Beauty, my ranking #2

1. Magnolia (This is my favorite flick of all time. Ever character, ever line, is rich, intreging, and complex. This is the film that really made me fall in love with Jullianne Moore. And Amiee Mann’s soundtrack is a perfect raw mix. And I love falling frogs.

2. American Beauty (As this is my 2nd favorite flick of all, it seems sad it didn’t get the #1 of the year, but it just happened to come the same year as Magnolia. This movie hit me at just the right time. I really think it changed my perception on life. Kevin Spacey is perfect. And the soundtrack haughting. And paper bags blowing down a street stand out now.)

3. Fight Club (God, this was a good year. First Rule of fight club: learn how to make soap)

4. Tarzan (One of Disney’s best. Love the soundtrack, characters, animation. .. apes and loin clothes)

5. The Virgin Suicides (Dark, dark, dark. This movie hung on me for days) 

6. South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut (“Behold my glory!”)

7. Toy Story 2 (Jessie was a great addition to the cast, even strong than the first Toy Story)

8. Go (Great trip. And I  love Sarah Polley)

9. Girl, Interrupted (It was pretty good- a little over-the-top)

10. Drop Dead Gorgeous (Not many comedies make my lists, so you know it’s a good one)


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